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Warm Up To Love


Story of Elizabeth Suit

Growing up, Elizabeth’s favorite pastime was reading. She could never walk through a bookstore without picking up a new book. After reading each book, she simply added it to her bookshelf and moved on to the next. With the advent of social media, she was able to reach out to an author and tell her how much she enjoyed her book. This simple interaction developed a friendship that changed her life.


She was brought into the world of writing and editing and knew she had found her happy place. After years of helping new authors achieve their publishing dreams, she knew it was time to take the leap and follow her own dreams.


Imagining what-if scenarios, and creating sassy characters you'll fall in love with, is her passion.

Elizabeth loves coffee, sarcasm and making people laugh. She is happily married and enjoys traveling with her family. She lives in Maryland with her husband, two children, and three dogs.

Warm Up To Love

Morgan Pierce, a career-driven single girl living in the city, has no time for romantic complications.


Tyler Hudson, a celebrity personal trainer, is more focused on setting up his East Coast location than a relationship.


When they are thrown together at a monthly bar hop they can’t deny the chemistry. But when Morgan’s promotion causes them to date in secret, she has to decide if the risk is worth the reward.


Will she ice Tyler out or will she finally warm up to love?

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